Thursday, 27 October 2011

Laptop and desktop

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Laptop or desktop

it comes to buying a computer many people are confused about whether a laptop or a desktop system is best for their needs. There is no simple answer as to which one is the best choice. The decision relies mainly on what your needs and your requirements are for the computer. You can narrow down your decision by asking yourself a few simple questions.
What Kind of Space Do I Have?
If you have limited space to set up a home computer and leave it there permanently, you might consider purchasing a laptop instead of a desktop unit.
What Do You Want To Use The Computer For?
If you are using the computer for basic functions such as e-mails, word processing, watching videos, browsing the internet, etc., you could go either way. If you are in need of more advanced video and audio options you might consider a desktop. There are many features that a laptop and desktop will both offer, but for serious gamers a desktop is normally the best solution.
What Kind of Budget Do You Have?
There is not a huge price difference between a laptop and a desktop, but it generally ranges from $20-$125 more for a laptop with similar hardware configurations. It used to be more expensive to own a laptop but with the changes in technology, the price gap is being closed quickly.
Do You Need a Portable Computer?
If you plan on taking business trips or want a computer while you travel then a laptop would be your clear choice. A desktop system is not portable and will remain in the location in which you install it. If you have wireless internet in your home and want the freedom to move around while using the computer then a laptop would still be your best solution. If you do not have wireless internet in your home or will not need to take your computer along for traveling, then you could save some money and get a desktop unit.
It does not matter what the reviews or the experts say, the choice as to whether a desktop or a laptop is based solely on your needs and wants. Not everyone has a use for a laptop and not everyone has room for a desktop. Take the time to think about what your needs and expectations are and answer the questions above before making the purchase.

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