Monday, 31 October 2011

windows xp Tip 003

Find a Printer
  •  Click on Start.
  •  Choose Search and select Find Printers.
  •  and any sharing  Location in the network
  • Name box Click on Find Now.
  •  A list of available printers will appear below.
  •  Scroll to locate the desired printer.
  • . Double click on the desired printer; a message will appear saying
            that you are connecting to that printer
  •  When that window disappears that printer has been added and is
 The first printer that added will automatically be the default
printer. More printers can be added by repeating the steps above.

Change the Default Printer
  • Click on Start, choose Settings, select
Printers, and view list of available
  •  Right-click on the desired printer.
  •  Select Set as Default Printer.
1- The Default printer has a small
check on the icon.
2- Clicking on the printer icon on the
Toolbar will automatically print to the
default printer.
3- If using the File to Print command,
this same printer is the default.

Print to a printer that is NOT set as the Default printer
  •  Click on File select Print.
  •  The default printer will be in the Printer Name window.
  •  Click and hold on the down arrow next to the Printer

  •  A list of your printers is displayed. Click on the
         desired printer and it will appear in the Printer Name.
  • Click OK to print.
  •  This does NOT change your default printer.

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