Saturday, 29 October 2011

windows xp Tip Code 002

Xp Taskbar Tips
  •  Click on the shortcut and drag it to the Quick Launch taskbar, moving it to the desired location
  • Remove a shortcut  Right-click on the shortcut to be removed, and select Delete.
  • Rearrange shortcuts click and drag a shortcut to the desired location (either on the desktop or on
            the Quick Launch Taskbar)
  •  To briefly expand the Systray, click on the arrow icon.
  •  To adjust the icons showing on the Quick Launch taskbar, click and hold on the separator and drag it  right or left to adjust what is showing.
 Hide the taskbar
  •  Right-click the Start button, and select Properties.
  • Click on the Taskbar tab menu, select the Auto-hide the taskbar check box.
            Check  redisplay the taskbar, point to the area of your screen where the
             taskbar is located and it will appear

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