Monday, 14 November 2011

Boost windows7 Part I

Boost Windows 7 Part I

Windows 7 is a great new operating system from Microsoft and is being considered as a great addition in terms of features over Vista, but as you know that once the features are added to your system then they will definitely consume some resources too. You can optimize Windows 7 by allowing only those features which are needed and disabling all unwanted features. Here are some small tips which you can follow to get the best out of Windows 7.

1-   Disable Search Indexing
In order to speed up the search process, the Search indexing service scans through the files and folders on the Windows system and records information about them in an index file. But it also consumes some resources from the system, so if you are performing searches once in a blue moon then it would be better to keep this feature disabled. Here are the steps to disable search indexing in Windows 7.
2-  Remove Unwanted Startup Programs
Startup programs run when your login to the system, so have a look at which programs you have allowed to run on start up, as you might find many of those in the list which you no longer need at all or you do not need them to start on the system boot up. For disabling unwanted programs from running on start up, click Start, then type msconfig and hit Enter. Now in the System Configuration window, go to the start up tab and uncheck the programs that you don’t want to run upon startup.

3-  Disable Aero
The Aero feature adds a great look and feel to your Windows 7 OS, no doubt it is one of the great perks of Windows 7. But what if you are running a slow computer or your system is running some resource hungry applications, then it would be better if you keep this feature disabled. Follow the simple steps here to disable it in Windows 7.

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