Monday, 14 November 2011

Boost windows 7 Part III

 Boost Windows Part III

7-  Always keep the Latest Device Drivers

It is a well known fact that the latest the device driver is, the faster the performance of the device will be, so always check for the latest updates regarding your system’s device drivers. In this regard you can also get help from some tools like the Device Doctor.

8-  Use Some Good Antivirus
Always scan your system with some good antivirus programs to you keep your system safe from all sort of viruses. You can give Microsoft Security Essentials a shot since it is developed by Microsoft itself. Read the complete review to find out how it detected and removed a virus that Nod32 failed to find. You can also try out AVG 9 Free or wait for Avast 5 Free.

9-  Prioritize the Running Processes
Process priority is a basic operating system functionality, almost every operating system offers a way to increase or decrease the priority of the processes. So if you feel that your core application is not running up to the mark or some other secondary application is taking more resources then required, then you can change the priorities of the respective processes to keep your system running smooth.

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