Monday, 14 November 2011

Boost windows 7 Part IV

Boost windows 7 Part IV

10-  Defragment your disks Regularly
Disk Defragmentation makes sure that the stored files are in one contiguous piece which results in better system performance. So its always recommended to defragment your system properly to optimize your system performance.


11- Find Bottlenecks
If your system is performing sluggishly then it is vital that you should identify the reason for this bottleneck. Once you are sure of what is causing the issue, then you will easily be able to kill the culprit. Resource Monitor is one of the great Windows 7 utilities which you can use to investigate such situations.


12-  Switch Off Unwanted Windows Features
Windows Features offers a great way to enable/disable specific Windows features. You can load it by clicking Control Panel > Programs > Windows Features on or off. Here identify which features you don’t need and disable them to avoid the resources usage. Just like I don’t play much of the default windows games, so I have kept them disabled.
 We have listed down the simplest ways in which you can make your Windows 7 run faster. However the performance optimization is a very vast subject, there are many free tools and other techniques which can boost your system performance and its the best way to boost windows 7 without using any software . Enjoy!

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